One last look at Singapore

Enjoying a leisurely lunch at the Harvest Seafood Restaurant, Boat Quay, and gazing over the river. The staff were beary friendly and we were beary generous with their tip. The waitresses thought we are cute, and they were right, of course!

Singapore 2014

Singapore tick, Europe next and Japan after that. The new Japanese outfits are seriously cute! Even if boys wear skirts… Tokyo Disneyland here we come! China has to wait until the Shanghai Disneyland opens in December 2015.

Ready for Japan

4 thoughts on “One last look at Singapore”

  1. I do rather like Boat Quay….what fun for the bears and mum!!… Start saving for Tokyo I can see the travel bug is not going to go away!!

    1. Jay is a very oriental looking. Bear to be sure…..imagine how many other bears in the world there must be that have a native look!
      Soon time for Mum to move to a bigger house! :-))

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