Star Trek at the Smithsonian

Next year we’ll be visiting the Smithsonian, but it looks like we won’t be seeing the new display of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise which will open after our visit. Rude!

The famed starship has lived in the museum’s gift shop in Washington, D.C. continuously since 2000, having arrived at the museum in 1974. The model was removed from display in September 2014 and is currently inside the Emil Buehler Conservation Laboratory at the museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, in Chantilly, Virginia where it is undergoing restoration.

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

From 2016, apparently July, it will be moved to a more prominent location – the new Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall. This move will place Captain Kirk’s fictional spaceship in the same location as the Spirit of St. Louis, which carried Charles Lindbergh on the first solo trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, and the Apollo 11 command module that brought astronauts to the moon for the first landing in 1969. Unreal! The curator said placing the Enterprise with real-life aircraft and spacecraft pays tribute to the museum’s mandate to encourage visitors to dream.

We never watched Star Trek the original series, too cheesy πŸ™‚ not to mention before our time, so we never noticed if the star ship was shown from the right side only. One key decision to be made by the Smithsonian will be what the model should look like at the end of the restoration. When the original series was running, for example, the model did not have a left side – only wires. So it will be up to the museum to figure out if they want to make it look like the pristine spaceship fans imagined on TV, or what the model actually looked like. We vote for the first option. Nobody dreams to fly in half a ship!

While final decisions on the restoration rest with the museum, officials will do extensive consultation with a number of experts, each with a connections with Star Trek. These include people such as Michael Okuda, the lead graphic designer for several “Star Trek” shows and movies, and Gary Kerr, a consultant for CBS on the remastered 2006 version of “Star Trek’s” original series.

We have a drawing of the model on a coin. Perth Mint is helping us spend more money with the release a Star Trek Coin series. There are five Captain coins and five starship or space station coins to collect in this series that cover the five television series: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

We have the first two-coin sets, which are housed in a replica of a Star Trek transporter machine which lights up when the lid is opened, inside a custom designed display box within a Star Trek themed shipper.

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

It’s the same ship!

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

In October 2006, the six-foot TNG Enterprise D shooting miniature was auctioned in New York City at Christie’s auction house, along with other models, props, costumes, and set pieces from the Star Trek franchise. The auction was organised for the 40th anniversary of the television debut of Star Trek. Christie’s estimated that the Enterprise model used in Star Trek: The Next Generation would command between $25,000 and $35,000. The auction house seriously underestimated the Star Trek faithful. The model sold for $576,000 to an anonymous American private collector. Overall, the auction brought in $7.1 million, more than double Christie’s estimate of $3 million.

Next year is the 50th anniversary of the television debut of Star Trek and there will be lots of celebrations. The Smithsonian is restoring the original Star Trek model and placing it in a new exhibit, sponsored by Boeing. The Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas will be the biggest one yet. And Star Trek 3 will warp into cinemas next year. The final frontier will be your local concert hall in the US and Canada where a Vulcan symphony will perform music from each TV series with the notable exception of Star Trek: Enterprise, as well music from several movies, including Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Footage from the TV show and various films will be projected onto a 40-foot screen during the performances. Justin Freer, who has previously conducted a symphony of The Lord of the Rings music, will lead the show. A pre-tour performance will take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 1st, 2015. The tour launches in January 2016 in Florida and finishes in Canada at the end of April.

Not quite sure what we will be doing, but the bears will have appropriate outfits πŸ™‚

Looks like Honey and Isabelle are making plans…

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

While Puffles, Jay and Warwick are playing chess…

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

Following in Spock’s, Data’s and Sheldon’s footsteps πŸ™‚

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

We totally expect our favourite science show, The Big Bang Theory :smile:, to pay tribute to Star Trek next year.

Star Trek at the Smithsonian

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  1. I really enjoyed this guys…I used to watch Startrex and never realized it was only seen from the right side…cool, thank you xxx

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