Lego Professor

Lego Professor

As if we didn’t favour Cambridge already, their invention of the university examination notwithstanding, since Data held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics after his retirement from Starfleet 🙂 , now Cambridge is looking to appoint a Professor of Lego!

The Lego Foundation has proposed to Cambridge to fund a Lego professorship of play in education, development, and learning with a benefaction of £2.5million.

The million pound sign has gotten the attention of Cambridge’s general board, who have recommended for the Lego professorship “of play in education, development and learning” to start in October 2015. The professor will be director of the Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning.

A board of electors will be selected to chose from the candidates for the post whose work must fall within the general field of the title of the office. Who’s going to apply?

You can spend your time building this 🙂

St Pancras Station Model
LEGO St Pancras Station Model

Meanwhile, LEGO has announced they will be launching a Big Bang Theory set 🙂 The release date is August 1. Must have!

Lego Big Bang Theory
LEGO Big Bang Theory

The new set is a result of the LEGO Ideas project, which allows users to create and upload their own toy concepts. People then vote on the ideas and the winner is turned into a real product.

LEGO Ideas was launched in May 2014 and it’s a nifty way to get the talented and passionate Lego fans to so some of the creative work for the company! Nine unique fan-inspired LEGO have been released to date, with the Big Bang Theory set being the 10th in the series and another two in production for release later this year, WALL•E and Doctor Who and Companions.

Previous winners of the LEGO Ideas project include the Mars Curiosity Rover, a Ghostbusters 30th anniversary set, the DeLorien from Back to the Future, a Minecraft “Micro world” and Research Institute, which includes a female astronomer, chemist and palaeontologist with a dinosaur skeleton. How cool is that?

LEGO Research Institute
LEGO Research Institute

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