Elevenses @ 2 o’clock

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

Little bears are at the Langham in Sydney, waiting for a little smackerel of something. They had a little cherry & custard strudel at eleven o’clock in the morning, local time, and now it’s eleven o’clock in the morning back home πŸ™‚

The joy of anticipation
The joy of anticipation

Little bears think having high tea is a very good thing to do, but there is a moment just before they begin to eat it which is even better than when they are…

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

Leave the bottle please! πŸ™‚

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

The height of anticipation!

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

Isabelle: When you wake up in the morning, Jay, what’s the first thing you say to yourself?
Jay: What’s for elevenses? What do you say, Isabelle?
Isabelle: I say, I wonder what adventure we’re going to have today?
Jay nods thoughtfully: It’s the same thing….

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

Now it’s time for a little Doing Nothing, and not bothering…

Elevenses @ 2 o'clock

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