In Search of Pancakes

Little bears were looking forward to trying the pancakes at Maria’s Café. Unfortunately it closes at 3pm. We won’t mention that we missed this little detail when we looked at the website and went all the way there at 5pm.

In Search of Pancakes

What to do, what to do? Thanks to the smart phone (how smart can it be when it didn’t tell us we were on the way to a café that had closed already!!) we discovered a Dutch pancake restaurant. Full of anticipation, little bears made their way to Pannekoeken Huis, all along dreaming of the poffertjes they had at De Vier Pilaren in Amsterdam.

Ha! It was not to be. Pannekoeken Huis is more American diner than Dutch koffie haus. There were no poffertjes in sight (another little detail the smart phone missed from the website 🙂 ) and Puffles and Honey got two large pancakes, granted, with cherry sauce, that were nothing to write home about. But apparently something to write on the blog about…

In Search of Pancakes

And to really top it off, they also had the Walleye BLT sandwich. For those not in the know, like us, a walleye is a north american freshwater fish.

In Search of Pancakes

This little improv on the carefully researched itinerary didn’t quite work. Tomorrow will be back to following the itinerary…

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