Set Phasers to Awesome

Set Phasers to Awesome

Set Phasers to Awesome

Puffles and Honey went to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum for the launch of the world tour of Starfleet Academy Experience. After student orientation, Puffles and Honey visited nine zones focusing on the Academy’s special training in language, medicine, engineering, navigation, command and science. Once training was completed, Puffles and Honey received their speciality, command of course!

So they went to the bridge to test out the Captain’s chair 🙂

Set Phasers to Awesome

Set Phasers to Awesome

After which they carried out a bridge inspection.

Set Phasers to Awesome

Set Phasers to Awesome

Set Phasers to Awesome

As the Star Trek franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary, Starfleet Academy asks visitors to play cadet.

Each section has an interactive component.

In Communications, the first test is to learn basic Klingon! The video instructor was a surly Klingon who tries to teach you multiple words, including “Heghlu‘meh qaq jajvam”, which means “today is a good day to die”. After each lesson, the program tests your pronunciation. It turns out Puffles and Honey are naturals at speaking Klingon 🙂

In Medical, you hold a tricorder over the body of a mock Klingon patient. Based on the scanner’s results, you have to make a diagnosis — keeping in mind Klingons have a lot of redundancy in the form of extra body parts, including eight heart chambers and two livers. Klingon patients are notoriously “difficult” but Puffles and Honey left their patient speechless 🙂

The console in Science forces you to choose your own planetary adventure: In order to make an emergency landing, you have to pick a life-supporting crash pad for your crew. Turns out little bears can survive anywhere 🙂

Who hasn’t wanted to use a transporter to beam down to another planet? The exhibit’s Engineering section has spherical glass pods and video monitors that almost bring the magic to life. Puffles and Honey were a little disappointed to find themselves still on Earth.

The Navigation section tests your ability to plot a course to a debris-clear “warp zone”. During the simulation, Puffles and Honey managed to evade enemy ships and giant asteroids, but not the planets 🙂

The phaser simulation in the Security section tests your marksmanship on moving, coloured targets. Some required a quick hit for destruction — others a prolonged attack. Turns out security is not for them.

The final simulation is the command simulation called “the Kobayashi Maru”. The scenario involves trying to rescue the 300-person crew of a critically damaged Starfleet ship while your own is under attack by three Klingon vessels. Puffles and Honey have seen Star Trek the movie so they knew exactly what to do! They ate an apple 🙂

Set Phasers to Awesome

In each section, you can also take a quiz to determine your best role in Starfleet. The experience is enriched with the actual science behind the science fiction including emerging technologies such as a functional tricorder, NASA’s warp drive theory, and the latest experiments with phasers and teleporters.

And finally comes the shopping for memorabilia 🙂

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