Monster Birthday

Birthdays are fun, we should have some more…

Monster Birthday

Let’s have a birthday right now!

Monster Birthday

Who’s going to have a birthday?

Monster Birthday

We’ll have a monster birthday!

Monster Birthday

My first birthday… With cake and everything…

Monster Birthday

We always have cake!

Monster Birthday

Monster size marshmallows!

Monster Birthday

We need some monster laughs 🙂

Monster Birthday

What did the grandfather monster say to his grandson when they hadn’t seen each other for quite a while?
You gruesome!

What do monsters turn on in the summer time?
The scare conditioner!

What is a monster’s favorite snack food?
Ghoul scout cookies!

What did the critics all say about Frankenstein’s work of art?
What a monsterpiece!

What kind of car does an elephant size monster drive?
A monster truck!

Do monsters eat popcorn with their fingers?
NO, they eat the fingers separately!

Monster Birthday

Why are monsters forgetful?
Because everything goes in one ear and out of the three others!

What is the best way to speak to a monster?
From a long distance away!

How do you greet a three-headed monster?
Hello, hello, hello!

What’s a monster’s favorite theatre play?
Romeo and Ghouliet!

What is red small Halloween monster, has a pink spotted head, sixteen hairy legs and four big eyes on finger like things?
I don’t know either but there is one crawling up your back!

Why did the dark monster eat a LED light bulb?
Because he was in need of a light snack!

Monster Birthday

Did you hear about the monster who had eight arms?
He said they came in handy!

What kind of clothing do monsters wear?
Wash-and-scare clothes!

What do little monsters like to ride on at the amusement park?
The scary-go-round!

What’s the name of the black book of socially prominent V.I.P monsters?
The Book of who’s Boo.

Where does Judge Dracula work?
Night court!

Why did the vampires go into the cave?
To hang out!

Monster Birthday

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