Elevenses With Paddington Bear

Another day, another movie…

Today little bears are watching Paddington while enjoying marmalade and cherry jam elevenses.

Paddington is famously known for his taste for marmalade. We’ll have to introduce him to cherry delights 🙂

And for liking elevenses, Paddington joins little bears and Winnie-the-Pooh as one of the leading advocates of elevenses. A favourite scene from this delightful film is the visit to an antique shop for elevenses. Tea is served from a little spout in a steam train, and sugar served from one of the open carriages.

Little bears like having elevenses in delightful antique shops. Even better, antique shops called Paddington 🙂

Paddington Antique Centre, Brisbane
Paddington Antique Centre, Brisbane
Exploring Paddington Antique Centre

What do we know about Paddington Bear?

Michael Bond, who at the time was a BBC TV cameraman for a popular children’s show called Blue Peter, was inspired to create Paddington after buying a small neglected toy bear 😦 on Christmas Eve in 1956.

Michael Bond decided to name the iconic British bear after London Paddington Station because he and his wife were living near it at the time. The film crew had to get special permission to film on the concourse of the station.

Sally Hawkins as Mrs Mary Brown and Paddington at Paddington Station

In 2000, a life-sized bronze statue of Paddington was installed at his namesake Paddington station in London.

Paddington Bear Statue at Paddington Station

Google honored Paddington’s 50th birthday on October 13, 2008 with a Google Doodle.

More than 50 individually designed Paddington Bear statues were scattered across London to celebrate the city’s art and culture from November to December 2014.

Ben Whishaw, also known as Q in the James Bond franchise, is the voice of the iconic bear in its eponymous film Paddington.

The adventures of the little bear from “darkest Peru” have been delighting generations of children since 1958 when the first Paddington book appeared, A Bear Called Paddington written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.

More than 35 million books have sold worldwide and there have been several TV adaptations, but this is the first big screen appearance for the marmalade-loving bear, who appears alongside a starry cast including Nicole Kidman, Peter Capaldi, Hugh Bonneville and Julie Walters.

Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, Samuel Joslin, Madeleine Harris, Paul King and Jim Broadbent attend the Paddington World Premiere in London Leicester Square on Sunday Nov. 23rd, 2014.
(Picture by Jon Furniss)

With its colourful shots of double-decker buses, red telephone boxes and black taxis, and cameo roles from some of London’s most famous landmarks, the film must feel like a gift to the city’s tourist board. Publicity shots show Paddington standing in front of Buckingham Palace, and the film’s climax takes place in the Natural History Museum, where the evil taxidermist Millicent (Nicole Kidman) wants to add Paddington to her collection of endangered animals!

Buckingham Palace
National History Museum

Paddington 2 is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

Puffles and Honey met Paddington at Hamley’s 🙂

At Hamleys with Paddington Bear

They have a lot in common, as little bears with a taste for adventures and for elevenses 🙂 but not for the mishaps!

Paddington sent little Puffles a birthday present, a blue coat thoughtfully embroidered with his initials, Puffles Bear 🙂 He’ll have to grow into it!

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