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Sangria Night πŸ’

Your glass looks different.

Hmm, do you think so?

Sangria’s origins probably date back to the Middle Ages, during a time when water was unhealthy to drink and drinking fermented beverages carried a much lower risk of causing illness. During this time, people would mix wine, which was much lighter and less potent than what we are used to today, with spices such as cinnamon.

Sangria is the Spanish term for a mix of fruit and wine that became popular in Europe in the subsequent centuries, and the drink emerged on the American culinary radar when it was served in New York at the Pavillion of Spain during the 1964 World’s Fair.

Pavillion of Spain
New York World’s Fair 1964
Pavillion of Spain
New York World’s Fair 1964

The word sangria is much more serious than the drink itself: it comes from the Latin word for blood, thanks to the original sangria’s reddish hue, a result of the red wine first used to make it. Since then, various European countries and hundreds of restaurants have created their own variations on the sangria theme. Spain alone offers quite a few traditional options based on region, with sparkling recipes coming from the areas that produce Cava, for example.

We have fun making our own version of cherry sangria πŸ’

And enjoying it with a new cherry tart πŸ’

Β‘Salud! Noroc! Salut! Cheers!