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More Latte Art

South Korean barista Lee Kang-bin is taking coffee art to the next level, creating miniature imitations of famous paintings on foamy cups of java at his central Seoul cafe.

With meticulous strokes of tiny brushes and spoons, Lee, 26, recreates the likes of Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” using thick cream stained with food coloring atop a cup of coffee.

The result of the painstaking 15-minute process is a 10,000 won ($9) cup of cold coffee that has won Lee thousands of fans at his cafe and online.

“One time I drew ‘The Starry Night’ and it looked so special as the famous painting placed on top of coffee. After that, lots of people ordered that coffee,” Lee said, as he copied the painting off an image on his smartphone.

“Customers usually ask me to draw their favorite art works,” he added.

On his Instagram profile where he regularly posts images and videos of his so-called “creamart”, Lee says he has never learned to draw. He started brewing coffee at age 17, during his mandatory military service and enjoyed it so much that he bought a coffee machine and opened his first cafe for fellow soldiers in his camp near the border with North Korea.

We’ll have to give him the bear and cherry challenge while still getting a hot coffee!

Little bears had an arty latte at Cafe Del’ Art in Darwin, and it was still hot!

Cafe Del’ Art, 24 Mitchell St, Darwin